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Allow us to better improve your business, on time and on budget."

Welcome to rrtQ, Inc.
Reasonable Reliable TechniQues

Quality IT Solutions
rrtQ is an Information Technology company that has been in business since June 2007. With our knowledge, we look to identify and develop solutions that are tailored to fit our clients' needs and desires. Our goal is to analyze the technological processes that our client’s require to perform their business functions and work together with experienced IT consultants and software engineers to achieve our clients' strategic goals.

We work with our clients to realize the cutting edge of innovative technology that will help them meet their business needs, and lend them a competitive advantage. Our consultants will generate a plan of appropriate scope to create greater efficiency and meet deadline budget constraints.

Our clients are paramount to our success. Our skilled and experienced consultants help our clients acquire customized technology solutions. We offer strategic IT services that assist our clients' dynamic needs. Our professionals are prepared to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently. rrtQ expertise gives clients what they need to perform at the highest levels, while only charging you a fraction of the cost compared to other IT solution companies. We work hard to provide clients with the best support and assistance each and every time the need arises.

Our consultants and engineers have the knowledge and skill to tackle any project that comes their way. Allow us to give your company solutions you can count on.

Why should you choose rrtQ?
We offer fast, reliable service
Our methods are consistent and effective
We provide dependable IT solutions
We make things simple and affordable
We give your company the advancement they need to succeed.
You pay only for what you request-no hidden fees-

We offer professional and reliable support.
rrtQ is a privately owned outsourcing company from Concord, North Carolina. We have over 15 years of combined knowledge in the IT area. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have connections with each of our clients. We are focused on understanding your requirements and providing you with the maximum level of professional experience. Our consultants will work directly with you to ensure that we meet your specific business needs by listening carefully to what you want. Our goal is to develop an approach that will work for your company while surpassing every other IT solution company along the way. We recognize what it takes to keep your company up and operating smoothly. Allow rrtQ to help your business expand, and let us help take the stress away by delivering everything on time. Our success is driven by our customers; therefore, we seek to increase your revenue.

Choose rrtQ as an IT solutions company for your business.  We promise to be here for you whenever the need arises.  Have questions? Need information? Call us today for your free consultation and see what we can do for you.

rrtQ- Reasonable Reliable TechniQues – The name says it all.
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